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^i assumed she bought frozen for that very reason. Sweet potatoes are a big part of our diet.
Ozzy's actually kinda sexy, in a confused, geriatric way.
Can you really buy them frozen? I didn't know that and I usually curse a lot because sweet potatoes are dense as hell and hard to cut. Wow, what a time to be alive!
We've been subjected to thinking of Donald Trump's sexual shenanigans for months. You think a bit of Ozzie slap & tickle is gonna phase me?
Great. Now I want some of that baked brie AND guacamole. Maybe not together, but maybe so.
Damn good thing there was no guacamole on it. For him anyway.
Do you really think Ozzie Osbourne has the energy to have sex anywhere but flat on a bed? And now I have you thinking about Ozzie having sex.
I have not even heard of Channel Zero. I got through The Cabin in the Woods with minimal mental scarring, so I got that going for me (of course, there was the promise of fun times afterward so now I'll probably have a weird sex association with it, lol). Glad you made it through the week and that you're feeling better! I LOVE YOU!

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